My name is Kevin Renskers.

I’m a creative developer with a passion for good design and intuitive, user friendly interfaces. I love working on the front end, whether that’s creating a beautiful and performant iOS app or using HTML, CSS and TypeScript to create interactive and responsive web apps. I also like working on the back end: I use Python and the Django framework, or Swift with the Vapor framework, to create developer-friendly APIs for those apps.

Usability and design are always on my mind, even when writing code: this should be usable, readable and beautiful too.

I’ve been online since 1994, creating websites since 2000 and iOS apps since 2010. You can find my open source projects on /projects and a portfolio of apps I’ve created on /apps. My CV, if you need it, can be downloaded here.

Email me at kevin@loopwerk.io to discuss your project, or reach out to me on Mastodon or LinkedIn.