Mentorship Program

Since January 2021 I am offering a Mentorship Program, where using one-on-one video calls, screen sharing and pair programming I will help you level up as an iOS developer. This Mentorship Program is completely free; I donate a few hours every week to help underprivileged people from the iOS community.

What can you expect from this program?

My goal is to build a bond, where we have a weekly meeting of about an hour, over the course of multiple weeks or even months. I’m not really interested in one-off meetings where I answer one specific question one time and then never hear from you again.

So what will we discuss in these meetings? Maybe you’re stuck on a problem and need some help. Or you want somebody to look over existing code to get their opinion, about possible improvements. We can discuss the architecture of your app, testing strategies, whatever you can think of. I’m not an expert in literally every aspect of iOS development (even with ten years of experience you can never know everything), but I’ll do my best to help you where I can.

What do I expect from you?

You’re going to need an Apple computer and a good enough internet connection to talk and share your screen. You need to be able to speak English or Dutch. You’re going to need at least a basic understanding of the Swift language - I can’t teach you that from scratch. I would really recommend you check out the amazing “100 Days of Swift” course over at if you’re only just getting started.

Finally, as my preferred “office hours” are from 16:00 to 17:00 Central European Time (Amsterdam), our schedules have to match as well. This means that it’s probably quite hard to schedule meetings if you’re in the United States for example.