My wishes for iOS 5

In June 2010 Apple finally added multitasking to the iPhone (the iPad had to wait ’til November to get iOS version 4) and with this resolved one of my biggest complaints about the operating system. And while I really enjoy iOS on the iPhone and the iPad, I still have wishes, especially after seeing the new HP WebOS.

My wishes for the next version of iOS are listed below in no particular order. Hardware wishes are not included (but in short: LED notification lights on both devices, SD card support and front-facing camera on iPad).


Seriously Apple, what the fuck. In 2007 this was already an annoying system, and that was when it was only used for SMS. Now this retarded system is used for push notifications as well, where one is replacing the other and no way of seeming them again after unlocking the screen. This notification system needed to be replaced with something new a long long time ago. All other mobile OS’es have something better. Wake up Apple!

iPhone and iPad working together

Both the iPhone and the iPad have bluetooth. Please let me link the two together so I can send and receive SMS messages on my iPad to give just one small example. Let me send links from one device to the other, and I don’t necessarily mean by tapping one device on the other like HP’s new Pre 3 and TouchPad.

Software keyboard

I never liked how much I have to switch between keyboard layouts, even when I just want to enter some numbers. I have to say, I like what HP’s WebOS is doing. Maybe there is no room for this on the iPhone, but at least steal this idea for the iPad.

No quick settings

Currently there is no way to quickly and easily disable 3G, WiFi or to change the screen brightness. I have to enter the settings app, where I have to enter a multi-level menu to do this, which is quite annoying.

Multitasking user interface

I am very happy with the fact that Apple finally added multitasking to the iPhone and iPad (especially on the latter). However, this “double-click on the homebutton and up slides a small view” way of switching between apps is not working for me. You only see the icons of 4 open apps at a time, and have to slide left and right to see other icons. Why not just open a modal popup when I double-click on the homebutton, with enough room to show a 3x4 grid of icons? With the iPod controls always visible?

Make the lockscreen usable

I want to see my calendar without unlocking my iPhone and going to the iCal app. Why can I still not use the lockscreen for anything at all? I understand that for some people privacy might be an issue: being able to see someone else’s calendar on his lockscreen without unlocking the phone. So, simply make this configurable.

Custom SMS sounds

Why the hell is this still not possible? Every time one of my iPhone-wielding friends receives an SMS, everyone else needs to check his iPhone. Why can I sync custom ringtones but not custom SMS tones? What is the logic behind this?

Active Weather and Clock icons

The calendar application shows the current day. I think it would be cool if the weather app would show the current weather and temperature. And why can’t the clock show the current time? Of course this is just nice to have, but I think it would be a nice touch.

No easy way to send SMS to multiple contacts

When I want to send a SMS message to a large group of contacts (usually on the last day of the year just before midnight), I don’t want to click on the plus icon, select a person, select the mobile number and be taken back to the message screen just to repeat these steps for every person. Why can’t I send to a contact-group? Or be able to quickly select multiple contacts?

Bring iPhone’s default apps to the iPad

Why doesn’t the iPad have the clock and weather apps? What’s the logical reason behind this? Also missing: stocks and voice memos, but I personally don’t use those apps.