Once again I turn to Appcelerator

After I decided to create iPhone apps using just the iPhone SDK and the Objective-C language, I’ve created two iPhone apps that are available in the Dutch App Store. Development for app number three has started today, but no longer will I be using Xcode.

What gives? Well, the client wants an Android app too. Of course I could build the iPhone version with Xcode, the SDK and Objective-C and create the Android version from scratch after that’s finished. But I don’t really know Java and don’t feel like learning yet another mobile SDK. So, back to Appcelerator it is! I have to say, so far so good: progress is incredibly fast and the skeleton app I’ve created so far indeed builds for iPhone and Android.

I do wonder if progress will stay this fast. Last time I’ve used Appcelerator, I gave up once I wanted to do more complicated things and support was hard to get. Given that this app is pretty simple though, I have high hopes. If I come across cool tricks or problems, I’ll let you know.